MOXIE! For when you want to put the boots to her!

photo credit Latitude0116

Listen here Dickey!

When you and the misses wana hava nite of unincumbad happiness you go grab yourself a six-pack of Moxie.

Fuck that viagra cialais shit and start drinkin that gentian root tang flavad sodi pop. After the first bottle you’ll start to feel a tinglin in your man vegetables, after the third you’ll get what I call a blue vein throbba, don’t get me wrong its more respectable than your average chubbie but when you finish off that six pack its gona turn mista snuffleupagus into what I call a Diamond Cutta.

A cat couldn’t scatch that bastard!

I mean to tell you mista when I get one of these it pulls so much of my excess skin tight on my body I can’t shut my fuckin eyelids!!

When mutha sees me finish off that last Moxie she braces herself cause she knows whats commin an she knows shes not gona walk right for a week. She likes to call it W.A.D., my Weapon of Ass Destruction cause we like to do it doggystyle so we can both watch Bill Green’s Maine.

So next time you wana put the boots to her.. grab yourself a six pack of Moxie and make it a nite to remmembaaa!!!

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